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Hey There!

The entire gang here at organizemylifenow® hopes you love the One of a Kind Hand Painted Original Artisan Series Line that inspires our beautiful product line of hats, shirts, jewelry and unique accessories!  Each piece is designed by me, then created by various artisans I find hidden around the world.  

The characteristic of each design takes me back to my family’s artistic creativity I grew up to appreciate in my hometown of RURAL Retreat, Virginia!   Every imperfection is perfectly intentional to pay tribute to the handcrafted items that I so fondly remember as a child. Like watching my grandmother’s hands sew each stitch with love on our next dress or apron we proudly wore; or my father hand-lettering  signs for local businesses.

Simple, but meaningful, just like my organizemylifenow line that I hope takes you....to your happy place!

I sincerely mean it when I say it…….

THANK YOU from My organizemylifenow to Yours!
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" It's a feeling inside, it's an emotion that moves your soul and heals your body.

It's what makes your organizemylifenow Beat!"